Fixing a Windows 10 upgrade blue screen error, wpprecorder.sys

A quick post, for a change. Ive been finishing my PHD and working a full time research job so never get the chance to post.

I, like a large collection of people in the world (14M on the first day), am upgrading all my machines to windows 10.

This was mostly seamless process, apart from on my main gaming machine. This went through the upgrade process until installing features and drivers, where it threw a bluescreen with reference to wpprecorder.sys.

This bug is related to compressed drivers in the windows/system32/drivers folder.

Below is a picture of the point where the bug usually occurred.

Just past the normal point of failure

Just past the normal point of failure

The work around is quite simple:
1) Get the windows installer and and make a USB drive, Microsoft offer a tool to do this here

2) Boot from this drive on your machine. When it loads press shift and F10 to get a command line.

3) Identify your system drive by cycling through c: to z: (use DIR and CD to make sure this is the correct drive).

4) Navigate through your drive to the system32 folder, in my case it was f, so i issued the following command

cd f:\windows\system32

5) Run the command to unpack your current drivers, to do this issue the following command

compact.exe /u f:\windows\system32\drivers\*.sys

6) After this runs, reboot to you current windows install and run a command line as an administrator. Once the command line box presents itself issue the following command
fsutil behavior set DisableCompression 1

7) Run the upgrade from the USB drive

8) Relax

A successful outcome.